Online Reading Training

Online degrees and trainings are now available in a wide variety of fields and disciplines.  And the number of fields and disciplines increases every day. With the onslaught of Internet, it is now possible to learn just about anything you want at your own pace and time.  The basic premise of getting trained is to increase your knowledge and skills.  But what if you want to improve a skill as basic as reading?

Well, the Internet is still the answer.  The essential skills in reading such as reading comprehension, critical reading, speed-reading, vocabulary development, effective reading, etc. can all be found online.  Another advantage given by the Internet is it has increased the quantity of reading materials available, and in a faster pace than ever before.

But why do we need to read, much more to gain advanced skills in reading? Reading is defined as the cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic message or the process of retrieving and comprehending some form of stored information or ideas.  These ideas are usually some sort of representation of language, as symbols to be examined by sight, or by touch (Braille for example).  Other types of reading may not be language based, such as music notation or pictograms.  But mere reading is not enough; we must have literacy and comprehension to appreciate the message and information from all sorts of reading materials.

Reading is an art in its truest sense.  It is not defined by set of rules and procedures.  However, how to enjoy reading is simply within each individual. The real purpose of reading is to provide answers for our quest for identity, for situations and circumstances that we can apply to our own experiences in life.  Reading demands inner reflection and invites new kinds of action in us.  The symbols on the page flow through to the experiences we have.  And, to be a fluent reader means that we use our perceptions to bring our own thoughts, ideas, experiences, behaviors, actions and feelings into close contact with the symbols of the alphabet presented by reading materials.